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Wes Lucus

Certified Success Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and Personality Expert Wes Lucus has used the Enneagram to help thousands of people to master their mindset, improve communication, and maintain consistent progress toward their goals. He conducts trainings and workshops on topics like personality models, positive psychology, healthy relationships, and productivity.

Bring the magic of the Enneagram to your organization!

Wes draws on his experience with thousands of clients to deliver an insightful, practical, and enjoyable talk that will benefit your group.
Put new strategies into practice to improve connection, increase productivity, transform communication, and enhance the health of the group.


Get a personalized Enneagram assessment from Wes!

Understanding your Personality can give you insight into your Strengths, Blind Spots, and Unconscious Strategies that help you get what you want, or keep you from what you want.